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I love to make art, it just happens to go in a cemeteryDrew Sig

We’ve been at it for a long time – longer than Ford has been producing cars (1903), longer than Coca-Cola has been making a great soda (1892) and even longer than Wyoming has been a state (1890). And while many things have changed at Ford and Coca-Cola, one thing has remained constant in this world since 1875- a Bott man has been creating memorials.

Our philosophy is quite simple – we want you to smile when you enter our business, when you see the finished memorial and when you think about the experience with us. We are NOT in the business of marking graves; anybody can do that. We are in the business of memorializing people and that needs to be done in such a way that, despite the circumstances that brought you through our door, has you leaving with a smile.


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