Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ 2017-01-27T17:12:39+00:00
I live far away from Riverton; can I do this over the phone or via email? 2017-01-27T17:12:41+00:00

You most certainly can! Some of the nicest memorials we’ve created were instigated, designed and completed without ever meeting in person. But if you’re a person who likes a handshake and a face to go with a voice, Bott Monument has a great program for assisting families in making it to Riverton. Just give Drew a call and he’d be happy to tell you about it!

Do I need to pay for the stone up front, or do you accept payments? 2014-05-21T19:24:23+00:00

Generally we take a deposit of 1/2 down with the balance due before we place the memorial in the cemetery.  The other option is to pay in full upon signing the contract.  Other payment options can be discussed if necessary.

Will I get to see what the stone looks like before you engrave it? 2014-05-21T19:23:40+00:00

You will receive a drawing that shows you exactly what the stone will look like.  We will not engrave your memorial without first receiving a signed proof from you.

Do I need to have a death certificate or other paperwork? 2014-05-21T19:22:38+00:00

No you do not.  You simply need to know the vital information and we’ll take care of the rest.

How long does it take to get my memorial? 2014-04-28T14:41:31+00:00

That all depends upon how elaborate or simple you want it designed and where the granite originates.  There are several colors that come only from foreign countries and therefore take anywhere from 90-120 days just to reach the United States.  But there are other granites that can be purchased and installed before a shipment from overseas even arrives.  As a general rule we at Bott Monument know our level of quality and design takes 8-10 weeks.

Are there ‘good’ and ‘bad’ grades of granite? 2017-01-27T17:12:41+00:00

No, all granite used in memorialization is ‘good’.  It is not possible to purchase a poor grade granite from a reputable dealer.  Some granites lend themselves better to engraving but we will inform you if the design you desire isn’t compatible with your granite selection.  Bott Monument frequently procures its granite from Georgia, South Dakota and Vermont.  If you desire to know where your granite originates we’d be happy to tell you!

So what do I need to do to get started? 2014-04-28T14:44:15+00:00

We invite you to call or come in and experience the Bott Monument way of business.  We’ll educate you on all your options and allow you to tell us what you want.  We don’t even leave for lunch!